Water Tanks

Heritage Tanks

Heritage Tanks

Model Diameter Height Litres
HT 115 5.37m 2.3m 52,000
HT 150 6.14m 2.3m 68,000
HT 200 6.95m 2.3m 88,000
HT 230 7.68m 2.3m 105,500
HT 280 8.45m 2.3m 129,000
HT 330 9.21m 2.3m 153,000
HT 400 9.98m 2.3m 180,000
HT 500 11.51m 2.3m 240,000
HT 600 12.28m 2.3m 272,000

Key Features and Benefits

Quality and Strength

All Heritage Tanks are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. All our tank walls are profiled rolled using BlueScope zincalume or colorbond steel.

Heritage Tanks are independently engineer certified and conform to all the required Australian Standards.

Gutter System

We have the only true gutter system which allows your tank to fill from its own roof catchment.

Tank walls

Heritage Tank walls are made from the proven, highly corrosion resistant, ZINCALUME, G300, alloy coated, structural steel.

The steel is a minimum of 1mm, which is thicker than the material used by most of our competitors and to a profile designed in consultation with engineers to provide greatly superior strength and exceptional durability.


Manufactured to the highest standards, our liners are produced from .75 thick, solid film heavy duty POLY ETHYLENE (EVA) of international "food grade" standard and Australian Standards for drinking water.

This is an inert material of exceptional strength, durability and elasticity, which retains these properties for greatly extended periods, even under the most harsh and environmental conditions. Technical specifications and certification details in respect of this component are available on request. Other materials are available if required.


By virtue of the uncomplicated nature of the structure and on site assemble process, as well as the ease of transportation our tanks are particularly versatile.

Our tanks are particularly suitable for reliable water storage in the fields of domestic/rural drinking water, mining, agriculture, fire prevention, industrial and commercial applications.

20-year warranty

Heritage domestic tanks come with a 20 year warranty covering materials and quality of workmanship. (Full warranty certificate issued after installation).

What comes standard with a HT domestic tank?

HT Range

Standard on all our HT range of tanks are the following:

1 x Removable Ladder
1 x 90ml overflow and pipe work to ground
1 x Lockable Access Hatch
1 x Leaf Strainer basket System
2x 50ml steel outlets with steel taps
1x Gutter System
.75mm Polyethylene liner Galvanised Truss System
Sacrifical Anodes (Anti Corrosion)


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Aquaplate & Galvanised Water Tanks

Aquaplate polymer-coated steel is Australia's premier tank-making material. It combines durability, strength, light weight, performance and is backed by a 20 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.

Aquaplate steel has been developed by BlueScope Steel specifically for the water tank market. It has food-grade polymer skin bonded to its inner surface which helps ensure your water tastes clean and fresh, free from any tainting from the tank itself. It's for this reason that a tank made from Aquaplate steel stands out from the rest.

Tanks are available in capacities from 200 to 22,500 litres for standard round tanks also.

Slimlines tanks in capacities from 370 to 5,000 litres

Colours available include: Woodland Grey, Wilderness, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark & Manor Red